Hohe Straße

Hohe Straße

Cologne for Kids

Not only grown-ups want to visit Cologne, but also kids love to discover the big city. No matter if they ride a few rounds on their kickboards across the »Domplatte« or if they explore the area in the Cologne Zoo.

Nevertheless the culture should not be forgotten. Many guidance offices offer special tours for kids, for example the Cologne Cathedral climbing as well as a visit in a museum. There are many interesting things to see and delicious dainties to taste, for example in the »Chocolate Museum«. Maybe the Cologne visit should be more freaky? In that case the visit of »Phantasialand« would be an idea or you can explore the leisure - and swimming-pools. If you are more interested in computers, you can do a computer- or an internet course for kids.

Who thinks Cologne is a hectical city, is wrong. Cologne has got much nature to offer. The Cologne Zoo including 7.000 animals or the Rhine park, which has got a playground, a little miniature train and the Cologne Cable Railway. If you like histories, you should visit the Altenberger Dom and then go to the Märchenwald . If you think this is too calm, and you are searching for great pleisure and action, you should go to the Phantasialand.

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Cologne offers many cultural establishments, like many theatres and museums and also the Cologne Cathedral. This cultural stuff is mostly boring for kids, but not in Cologne. Here you can find guidance offers especially for kids. One highlight is the Chocolate Museum , where you can learn much about the history of chocolate and you can also taste it. Next to this is the German Sports and Olympia Museum ,where you can see things from prominent figures like Boris Becker or you can celebrate your birthday.
But you can also become activ, by visiting one theatre.

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If you look for a location for a special birthday party or if you want to spend an extravagant day in a leisure park, Cologne in the right spot. But Cologne has also a lot of parties and clubs to offer. One special highlight is the cologne carnival you should not miss.

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Daily events for kids

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Sport is murder? Not for kids! Skating, swimming, dancing, gymnastics, watching a soccer or a hockey match, that is fun. In case of bad weather you do not have to spend the day at home, because Cologne offers many possibilities. Indoor Sports becomes more and more popular.

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Nowadays in the age of computer and technic, a good training is the key for a stable future. If you want to keep pace with your environment, you should start as soon as possible to educate yourself, for example if you take a computer- or internet course especially for kids. One day time will come, when you have to decide between university or apprenticehips, that the right education plays an important role.