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Theatre stronghold Rhineland: Cologne and Bonn have many reasons to consider themselves extremely lively theatre cities. Not only do many more than 100 theatres and independent groups tread the boards here every evening, but there is also a whole series of very special events.

In summer, the city and independent stages will present their ensembles and productions at a new time on a Saturday in »Theatre Stroll« in the middle of the shopping masses on the Schildergasse: »Theatre meets shopping!«
On 2nd October, the »Cologne Theatre Night« transforms Cologne into one large theatre. In approximately 40 theatres, productions will take place non-stop into the early hours of the morning and around 5,000 visitors will be transported from stage to stage with shuttle buses. Every December, an outstanding private production is decorated with the »Cologne Theatre Award«. Repertory theatre is offered by the Opera and the Schauspielhaus am Offenbachplatz, with the Schlosserei as additional venue.

However, dramas from international literature as well as contemporary plays and experimental pieces are also offered by the many private stage companies and independent theatre groups. The spectrum of events ranges from entertaining comedy, such as in the »Theater am Dom«, to cabaret such as in the »Senftöpfchen« and »Comedia Colonia« and classics such as those offered on a regular basis by the independent group »c.t.201«. Several venues, such as the »Theater am Sachsenring« or the »Studiobühne Köln« also regularly host international festivals and foreign language events.
Those who want to get to the bottom of original Cologne humour should visit the »Volkstheater Millowitsch«, which has become familiar to many television viewers: the sixth generation of the Millowitsch family is now active in theatre in Cologne and the family has been in the business since 1848. Or they should get tickets (admittedly hard to come by) for the Cologne »Hänneschen« – one of the few German puppet theatres.
Many theatres, however, offer technical visits »behind the curtains«.

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Cologne's Theatre Scene



Municipal Theatres

Cologne offers three municipal theatres, the »Kölner Schauspielhaus«, the »Hänneschen« Theatre and the Opera House.
City repertoire theatre is offered in Cologne at the playhouse on Offenbachplatz, as well as at other venues such as Schlosserei, Westend-Theater and Halle Kalk: Dramas of world literature as well as contemporary plays and the Avantgarde are included in the repertoire.

Freies Werkstatt Theater



Private Theatres

The number of playhouses is augmented by numerous private theatres: In the (Boulevard) »Theater am Dom«, in the charming »Senftöpfchen«, in »Theater Der Keller«, »Theater Im Bauturm«, in cabaret, as well as in cult houses of brash theatre, the curtain goes up evening after evening before an excited audience.

Some smaller theatres like »Theater am Sachsenring« or »Studiobühne« offer programmes in English and other languages. A special case on the German theatrical scene is that of the »Volkstheater Millowitsch« – an age-old Cologne institution that has become a household name for millions of television viewers. The family has been involved with Cologne theatre since 1848, for over 50 years in the main theatre on Aachener Strasse, and is now in its sixth generation of actors.




Cologne has got more than a dozen cinema theatres showing Hollywood blockbusters as well as productions by the independence scene. Some of them offer movies in their original version.

During the year there are some interesting film festivals as »Kurz und schön«, the »Fantasy Filmfest«, or the »Frauenfilmfestival«. In the summer, people love viewing films open air.


Cirque du Soleil


Cirque du Soleil