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Open-air street festivals are what summer is all about, and Cologne is no exception. And if we’re talking about partying, then the people of Cologne are always there with heart and soul.

Their energetic happiness has a contagious effect on guests, which even the world political leaders discovered with joyful amazement. The public part of the three Cologne summit meetings of the European Council and the G8 countries in June 1999 led to spontaneous public festivals with the people of Cologne.
The many other town festivals, less official, but annual, mean fun for the people of Cologne and visitors alike.

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 Kölner Feuerzauber

Street festivals

In July, almost a tradition, gays and lesbians from all over Europe wildly celebrate their »Christopher Street Day« in Cologne; over 750,000 people are on the streets for this event in Cologne.

Also part of the summer in Cologne are the »Kölner Lichter« – gigantic fireworks, illuminating the Rhine and the old town, which attract thousands of enthusiastic spectators.

Another of Cologne’s long-established events is the »Longest Table in Cologne« (»Längste Deesch vun Kölle«), a street festival in the Severinstrasse, in the heart of the Südstadt district. Also typical Cologne is the »Hänneschen Fair«, in May celebrated on the traditional Altermarkt in the heart of the city.



Cologne has something to offer throughout the year at various markets: four Christmas markets, Easter egg exchange, Easter market, wine festivals, book markets, flea markets and historic fairs take place, for the most part, in the city centre; the largest fairs take place on the banks of the Rhine in Deutz. Hardly a weekend goes by in Cologne when there are no public festivals. The people of Cologne are always happy to welcome visitors who can celebrate, sing and laugh with them.

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