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About 100 years ago the area near Butzweiler was the Mecca for pioneers of air travel in Europe. In 1909 the »Luftschiffhafen Coeln« (Cologne Airship Port) came into being here and this was where Kaiser Wilhelm II met Graf Zeppelin during an inspection of what in those days was the world's largest airship. In 1925 the Butzweilerhof became Cologne's first commercial airport and the hub of European air travel. This property is an exciting example for the successful conversion of commercial land and property in Cologne.

Today the Butzweilerhof is well-known both as a media centre, at the heart of which is the »Coloneum« (inaugurated in 1999), and as a vocational training centre. The Cologne Trades Chamber trains 100,000 apprentices and trainees from a wide range of trades and professions here every year. The advanced training centre was added in 2004, which offers mainly master tradesmens' courses and other advanced training courses. According to the Trades Chamber, the crucial factor for the moving the training centre to the Butzweilerhof from Neumarkt in the centre of Cologne was the many location advantages offered by this land.

A Wide Choice of Commercial Space

Media centres such as those in Cologne-Butzweiler are not only well-known in the professional world, they also exert a magnetic pull on other sectors. Due to their proximity to central Cologne and their excellent transport links, the new office parks and industrial and commercial estates are much sought-after locations, both for Cologne-based companies that need to expand their premises or move completely and for companies that wish to move to the Cologne area from another location.

The »Sonderstandortprogramm Handwerk, kleine und mittlere Unternehmen (KMU)«, or »Special Trades Firm Location Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME's)«, constitutes an important component of Cologne's overall commercial area plan. The objective of this programme is to offer companies wanting to move their location within Cologne or move to Cologne from elsewhere adequate land at an all-in price, including development and utility costs.

Cologne has a great number of attractive commercial parks to offer, for example the Airport Business Park between Porz and central Cologne, located both near the Cologne trade fair grounds and the airport, includes location opportunities both for service providers and manufacturers. The business park also features industrially zoned land on which firms that are subject to special noise or emission construction regulations can find suitable land to build. Thanks to the proximity to the port in Cologne-Niehl and the direct link with the A1, A57 and A3 autobahns, the Industriepark Nord, in which well-known firms such as Exxon and Infineum are located, is particularly suitable for chemicals and motor vehicle manufacturing companies. And a new centre for modern manufacturing companies has been established in the Kalk South Technology and Industrial Park on the land that used to belong to KHD AG in Kalk.

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