Technical Visits

Many companies and cultural institutions in Cologne offer guided tours. Below is a selection of the most interesting tours.

The guided tour at the Ford factories shows the entire production and final assembly processes of a vehicle. This tour is also offered in English, but requires registration approximately six months in advance. M-real Zanders fine paper production offers a guided tour through the entire production process, from the obtaining of raw materials to the finishing process. Several guided tours through the factory of RheinEnergie AG are offered: Tours of the two waterworks at Severin and Weiler with explanations of the origin, procurement and treatment of Cologne’s tap water last for approximately two hours. A tour of the approx. 500 meters long district heating pipeline from Deutz to Breslauer Platz lasts approximately one hour. Tours of the wind generator - fondly called »Flatterpitter« by Cologne’s inhabitants - on the company premises at Parkgürtel last approximately 1,5 hours. On a bus trip to one of the RWE Power AG open-cast mines a visit to the biggest lignite mine in Europe is also possible.

The newest district of Cologne, the Rheinauhafen, is characterized by the unmistakable origin as a harbor area, in wich living, business, office, art, gastronomy, hotel trade etc. has been integrated. In addition to the harbor, the former Port Authority and historic buildings, the crane houses and other new buildings dominate the picture.Its construction can be visited in several tours.
Köln Bonn Airport has an extensive visitor programme on offer too, including films and visits to individual departments.

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Media and theatre

Under the motto »Experience the world of television right in front of your eyes«, you can look behind the scenes of Magic Media Company, on a guided tour (approximately one hour) through Europe’s biggest and most modern media landscape. WDR offers an insight into the broadcasting studios (Funkhaus) or a look at the outdoor set of Lindenstraße (approx. 2 hours), but a registration is needed about four months in advance.
From its beginnings to a look into the changing rooms, the Lanxess Arena
opens its gates on a tour lasting about one to 1,5 hours. On a tour through the »Theater am Dom«, including the stage and backstage areas of one of Germany’s leading comedy theatres, visitors can also see the show itself. Also in Cologne Opera and Theatre one can get a look behind the curtains, the equipment, workshops and rehearsal rooms, but solely in conjunction with a ticket to the show.

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