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City tours & packages

There are customised package deals for nearly every event in Cologne, whether you are visiting Cologne as the starting point for 200 years of Rhine romanticism, combining views of Modern Art with a fitness weekend, or listening to the musical.

Cologne hotels, but also incoming tour operators and KölnTourismus bundle these package deals, which are often more favourably calculated than the sum of their individual parts. They always include one or more nights’ hotel accommodation, a breakfast buffet as a rule and frequently other culinary »highlights« also. In addition, it includes the visit to an organised event, guided city tours or trips, and use of the hotel’s own sport or fitness facilities.

But it is not the advantageous price which is the focus of these deals. Guests can concentrate wholly on the things which they want to experience in Cologne, without having to bother about reserving tickets and similar. At the same time the flexibility of individual travel arrangements is retained.

Restrictions in the deals arise as a rule due to large-scale trade fairs in Cologne. At these times the hotels are often booked out long in advance.

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