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There are a couple of ways to link your website to ours without a big effort. Complimentary to the common text and buttom links we provide an efficient Cologne search engine. So you unlock more than 1.500 HTML pages about Cologne topics, separated in German and English contents.

The HTML code for inserting the links into your website is easily available:
- selecting it with the buttom first, then either copy/paste the code into a text document or drag/drop it onto your desktop.

Text Link
The Text Link is the most minimal and space-efficient way to lead your visitors to It can be inserted in any article or table. It also might be a good idea to say specifically what the visitor can expect, so feel free to formulate the text.

...and it looks like this:

Transport, Tourism, Sightseeing in Cologne...
Huge Button
The Button Link is a quick, easy, and eye-catching way to get your users´ attention. It's less than 2k. We even provide a small animation when moving the mouse over the button. To run the animation in real time, there is is second picture beeing preloaded by Javascript.
If you don´t like scripts, just omit the header part of the HTML code and die "onMouseover/onMouseout" instruction within the picture definition.

...and it looks like this:

Small Button
If your web layout provides little room for buttons, use this small grafic button instead.

...and it looks like this:


Search Form (German)
Anybody can have links on his website, but virtually nobody has got an integrated Cologne search engine. Most Cologne services and providers from the fields of tourism and sightseeing, trade fairs and conventions, transport, culture, leisure time and business are easily found at
This small search form gets the wealth of Cologne information to your website´s visitors without any effort or cost.

...and it looks like this:

In Köln suchen nach:
Search Form (English)
International visitors of Cologne expect not to be addressed exclusively in German. So all pages at / are completely bilingual.
The next search form lists the results in English.

...and it looks like this:

Search Cologne for: